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BVA - Business Valuations and Asset Appraisals

Whether a business is considering a major change in direction such as a sale, acquisition, merger or expansion, or heading into the routine task of gift and estate planning, the worth of the enterprise is a pivotal issue. A going concern consists of a great deal more than the sum Business Valuations and Asset Appraisalsof its tangible assets. To get the real picture of its value requires attributing a dollar value to its intellectual property, its customer lists, its general goodwill, its general goodwill, its market strengths...in short, its overall ability to do business. Even when the worth of your total enterprise is not at issue, the value of the specific assets may be called into question from time to time.

  • Rights and values for a patent or trademark may be challenged.
  • The lending value of inventory, accounts receivable or machinery and equipment may need to be reevaluated
  • The value of assets may be at stake in a purchase and sale-transaction.
  • These specific assets require a thorough valuation.

The team at BVA can define the scope of your appraisal need, select from among the range of accepted appraisal methods, systematically collect the appropriate facts and render an informed judgment that will allow management to proceed with confidence in the prevailing economic climate. All valuation services are performed pursuant to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as set forth by the American Society of Appraisers.

Business Brokerage and Transactional Assistance

Once appropriate values are determined, a business can undertake transactions predicated upon such measurements. The valuation standards and procedures are a natural foundation for commencing a more thorough due diligence investigation. BVA can provide assistance with structuring a transaction by addressing business issues involving consulting, noncompete, buy-sell and seller carry terms and conditions.

Additional procedures to develop an appropriate structure for a transaction may involve tax minimization, purchase price allocations, purchase and acquisition accounting and other matters ultimately affecting the final deal.

When owners desire to sell their business, BVA can serve as an agent to evaluate, market and negotiate definitive purchase and sale agreements. In certain transactions, a complete business diagnostic review, assessment of assets, liabilities and earning capabilities may be necessary to provide a credible base for documenting, negotiating and closing transactions. BVA assists buyers, sellers, and lenders with acquisitions, mergers, purchase of assets, as well as structuring and closing loans following the standards for consulting services set forth by the International Business Brokers Association.

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